Numerous studies demonstrate that humans can innately appreciate the beauty and that it has a significant, powerful effect on our well being: it seems like staring at beautiful buildings can make us feel less depressed and anxious than if the buildings were to be less attractive, and other studies demonstrate that being exposed to images we find “beautiful” can help us focus and concentrate better.

One of the greatest repositories of beauty we can find in daily life is beauty in nature: nature tends to offer us images that are pleasing, symmetrical, fresh, and nice to look at. From flowers to trees to lakes or other bodies of water, nature is full of lovely sights to behold.

Taking a weekend off to enjoy nature and “forest bathe” can have a significant effect on your stress levels, but it can also make you feel more emotionally whole by helping you connect with nature and the Universe: that is why we would like to encourage you to take a weekend off to forest bathe!

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