Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway and my first cup of coffee warms my hands. A slight breeze blows through these ancient spruce. I captured this moment in time as I walked in the yard. These trees have weathered many winters and could probably tell a few stories, yet they remain silent. The picture seems to narrow the higher my eyes travel. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes what we thought was happening was indeed something else. Never be too quick to judge anyone. We all have our own story as we travel God’s path and some of those stories we wouldn’t want repeated. We are all different today then yesterday as we strive to grow and learn in God’s light. Let go of the past for it can not be changed. Live for today. Forgive yourself because God has already set your slate clean. Shine His light for all to see. Share Your Heart ❤and Shine Bright.

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