Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day awaits. It is Christmas Eve and I was thinking about the birth of Christ.  The young family traveling with no place to stay. Their journey was hard and more so for a woman with child. A young couple in need of help. How many of these have we seen and helped or did we turn them away? Our Savior was born into this world in a stable. There were no luxuries or doctors and nurses.  A simple and humble beginning. You do not have to be rich to make a difference in this world. Money does not make the man or woman. A humble heart filled with love and compassion can  reach beyond the barriers of hate and despair.  Reach out to those in need with kindness, compassion and love. Our circumstances could change in an instant and you may be the one in need. Open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you and believe.  Love and hugs from me to you. Share Your Heart ❤ and Shine Bright.

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