Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day awaits the dawn. Temperatures have risen and it is actually 40 degrees before dawn. Snow is still frozen to the landscape, but roads are clear. My capture is from last week. I love the beauty of the snow as it clings to the trees. Although the weather can be harsh, you can not deny the beauty. Life can be harsh and filled with pain and sorrow, too. Just like the snow, it does not last, but the memories remain. Our journey through life takes us down many roads filled with twist, turns and some pretty big potholes. We can not focus on the potholes in life, but embrace the joy, love and laughter each day. We were never promised a bed of roses or another moment of time, but a gift of everlasting life if we believe. Hang on tight, keep your faith and enjoy the ride. Share Your Heart ❤️ And Shine Bright

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