Positive and peaceful thinking does not happen overnight, nor does change your way of perceiving events. It is a gradual process. However, there are places and ways that you may find inspiration to help you along.


There are so many beautiful things in nature – flowers, trees, oceans, and yes, even weather. It doesn’t take perfectly calm weather to be gorgeous. Watching the wind pound the waves or rain on the window can be just as wonderful. Such things can give a person relaxation and peace for positive thinking.


Known for its relaxation qualities, yoga and meditation go hand in hand. It concentrates on deep breathing and your personal thought process, bringing your mind to another level.


Art, in any form, is an expression of self. If you enjoy dabbling in painting, crafting, drawing, coloring, or other activities, it might be time to go back to those hobbies. If you prefer, look at the art of others and find inspiration in those works. There is so much talent and thought in the millions of pieces on display.

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