Good Morning Everyone! A new day awaits. My capture is the moon rising over the hill last night before sunset. It was an unexpected treat that warmed my heart.The human heart is an amazing creation. It is our life force, and it gets the credit as keeper of our love. Our spirits can withstand great pain and joy. When our hearts have been broken or our spirit is damaged, we need love. We need unconditional love and understanding to heal the hurt of this world. We can not change the things that happen in our world, but we can stand beside those in need to lend a helping hand and open our hearts to understanding. As everyone is healing from loss and tragedy, lend an open heart and listening ear. Have patience and let them know you are there for them. Shine your own light of love and bring laughter and joy back into their hearts. Keep your own light of faith burning to lead the way. Love and hugs from me to you. Share Your Heart ❤️ and Shine Bright.

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