Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway.  A cool breeze greets me this morning as I step out to enjoy the start of a new day. The birds are singing and my hummingbird sits on a nearby branch and watches me. Each day I survey the weather and my surroundings. I was always told to expect the unexpected.  Keeping my eyes open and knowing my surroundings would keep me safe. Sounds scary, but the unexpected could be a glimpse of a squirrel as it scurries across the lawn or the tiny wildflowers that lie beneath my feet. There is beauty around every corner you turn. God’s creations surprise me every day. Open your heart to see the beauty and good in our world. Don’t let circumstances or pain hide the beauty around you or inside the hearts you meet. A beautiful soul awaits the heart who looks for the beauty within. Share Your Heart ❤ and Shine Bright

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