Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway. The warmth of the air wraps me up like a blanket when I step outside this morning. As I survey the landscape, the familiar fields of home fill my senses. Green fields, clouds and crystal drops of dew on the ground make me smile and realize how blessed I was to be raised in this beautiful place. God created all of our world and filled it with beauty and wonder. We were all gifts to our families and God entrusted our parents in our early care and upbringing. Lessons in life, good or bad, made us who we are today. We can’t go backwards in time. We must move forward in faith and love along this path in life. Sometimes we journey with just God by our side. This is when we realize how much we depend on His love, strength and His blessings. Life can be a crazy wild ride. Hold on tight to your faith and share kindness, love and compassion. You are never alone. You are loved. Share Your Heart ❤and Shine Bright.

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