Good Morning Everyone! I was blessed to awaken this morning with a roof over my head in a house that I own. I sit on my front porch watching the sunrise as I drink my coffee. I live in a country where I am free to work, own property and share my opinions without fear. The blessings of freedom are not free. There are many brave men and women who left their families and gave their life so that our country would be free. Our future was and is defined by the past sacrifices of those who served our country.   Every time you refuse to show respect for our way of life,  you are stepping on the heart of someone who lost their father, brother, sister or mother. They are the ones who gave you the right to stand up and speak out. Be respectful,  grateful and know that you are blessed.  Their sacrifice gave you your freedom.  Speak out in kindness,  love and compassion for each other. Above all……Honor and Remember the Fallen. Share Your Heart ❤ and Shine Bright.

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