Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway. It is a still and quiet morning. The wind must have blown that storm somewhere else because it is not snowing. Perhaps when the temperature rises above freezing, I can get my car moving. Friends dug me out if the snow, but the roads have been icy. Cars don’t like to sit too long without being cranked and moved. Our bodies are amazing machines created by God to carry us through life. We have to take care of ourselves with good fuel, regular maintenance and exercise. Everyone can’t get around so good due to accidents or illness, but we must move the best we can and keep our minds active and learning. Pick up a good book, revisit an old hobby of painting, crocheting or knitting. Do something each day that brings a smile to your face and reminds you of the joy in life. You are loved beyond measure. Share Your Heart ❤️ And Shine Bright.

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