Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway. The temperature dropped and the fans are roaring in the orchard. One of them is giving off this high pitch squeal. The birds are singing , but hidden beyond my view. They pigged out and ate all the food in both feeders. I guess it is survival of the fittest out there. We were taught to make sure that everyone got enough to eat before we got extra or seconds. Mama always served herself last and watched what we got. You had better eat everything on your plate, because there were children starving in our world. My capture was taken on the way home last night. They line the road where I live. Not only are they beautiful, but there fragrance filled my senses and make me smile. There was a memory there that I couldn’t quite grasp. Thank you, Lord, for another day to share and shine. Share Your Heart ❤and Shine Bright.

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