Good Morning Everyone! It is almost dawn as I sit on my front porch. I live in a land where I am able to work, own property and vote. My thoughts and beliefs are my own. I can worship as I please and speak my mind. My opportunities for growth are limited only by my abilities and hard work. The reason my country is free is because many brave young men and women, through the ages, took up the fight to serve and protect our country and way of life. Service to our country is not an easy job. These individuals gave up their way of life, their comfort, their peace of mind, health and a lot of them gave their lives to keep America free. When you see the flag flying, you are seeing all the love and sacrifice, blood and tears of the people who cared enough to take a stand for us through the ages. They are all heroes and deserve our respect and gratitude. Thank you, Lord, for those who served and still serve. Share Your Heart ❤ and Shine Bright.

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