The word nature is used in various contexts but in this instance, and probably the most important, it refers to the earth’s flora and fauna, wildlife, topography, the seas, and such. Surely, you’ve heard how you can get inspiration in nature?

How is this so? Ever wonder how and why is it that nature and its many systems and structures cause feelings of awe, wanted or unwillingly, from us? The answer is that the simple awareness and acknowledgment of natural forms bring delight.

Have you ever caught yourself being amazed by a mountain’s prominence, the seas’ vastness, or the simple beauty of a flower unfurling its blooms? All these aspects give pleasure, bring about a myriad of feelings and/or responses. It helps give inspiration, for instance.

The natural world, with its ever-changing and unchanging characteristics, provides the venue for those wanting inspiration and creativity. So, if ever you find yourself in a so-called artistic block, find time to immerse in nature’s best and get that inspiration in nature.

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