Good Morning Everyone! A beautiful new day is underway.  The birds are singing and hopping around the deck and yard. I did spill some bird seed yesterday while loading the feeders. It looks like they are cleaning it up. My capture is the figurine I purchased at the rummage sale. At the check out,  the sweet lady remarked at  how beautifully Southern it was. It made me realize the attraction I had to the figurine. I was born Southern and that is who I am. The traditions of a Southern lady are in my blood. Our ancestors came from all walks of life and different regions of the world, yet we are all one family in Christ. We all walk a journey through life never knowing if there will be another day or what awaits when we do. What we do know is that at the end of our journey on earth, a heavenly home awaits.  Make a decision each day you are given to live in peace, love and kindness.  Never miss an opportunity to show your love for each other and take no one for granted.  Share Your Heart ❤and Shine Bright.

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