The beauty of nature surrounds us.

It is everywhere. But not only can we see it, but more importantly, we can feel it.

Every time we breathe all the beauty of nature and its strength enters into us.

And every atom of oxygen nourishes our cells keeping them healthy, strong and full of joy.

In this way, we can really feel how nature interacts with us and vice versa.

But we can go even further, close our eyes and feel the air we breathe and listen to the beauty of nature sounds. The songs of the birds, the movement of the trees, the flow of the water of the rivers, the waves of the oceans. We can feel and smell the earth when the rain falls.

Just for a moment of our day. We can practice listening to ourselves in peace and harmony with nature. To realize and feel that we are in our totality a beautiful extension of all the beauty of nature.

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