Good Morning Everyone! It is a cold 29 degrees as I sit and look at the stars. The full moon is still casting its silvery glow across the landscape. I am a cloud watcher from way back as a kid. The shapes and patterns always set my mind to wondering. As I watch the mountain, the cloud patterns are different each day. They whirl and twist with the high winds. When I think of this mountain and the vast heavens, I feel small in comparison. I wonder, how is it that God sees little me among all the hustle and bustle of this world. He lives within my heart and mind. He walks with me every day and knows every beat of my heart. God is not out there somewhere. He wants you to welcome him into your heart and walk with him too. Let the light in and feel the joy of his presence in your life. Open your eyes to the wonders of life. Share Your Heart ❤ and Shine Bright.

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